What ‘The Reaping’ Sows and ‘Grindhouse’ Grinds

“The Reaping,” a supernatural thriller giving Hilary Swank a break from more challenging rolls, is not as bad as you may have heard nor as good as it might have been.l

Like the much better “Grindhouse,” a different genre but a similar problem, the picture stays with the same old blueprint.

In “Planet Terror,” the Robert Rodriguez portion of “Grindhouse,” a quirk of science transforms hapless bystanders and bad people into zombies.

Rodriguez, one of the most creative minds in Hollywood, opts for the familiar; it’s lively, it’s loud, it’s fun – it’s the same-o, same-o.

From other directors, OK fine. From Rodriguez, it’s an easy do; fun but zero risk; cult films have built-in audiences.

In fairness, he does a wonderful job capturing the static bursts and lines that riddled the original crank-’em-out, quick-assembly, low-budget grindhouse films that played the grindhouse circuit.

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