Rambo Balboa

“Rocky Balboa” was a pretty good coda to a too-long series of boxing movies.

Now Sly’s done “Rambo,” Number whatever in the “First Blood” series.

His first name’s John, by the way.

The film’s out on DVD this week.

In this incarnation, Stallone’s Vietnam vet is still scruffy-cheeked, monosyllabic and big on grunting.

Rather than spend time in counseling for post-traumatic stress, he’s still savenging somewhere in Asia, and now he’s capturing cobras for some sort of snake-charming attraction.

Missionaries wants to hire him to sail them to Burma, one of the world’s deepest hell holes, and drop them off at the shore.

Because one’s pretty and sincere, the big lug agrees.

Later, he learns they’ve been captured and joins a group of mercenaries to free them.

“Rambo” is the bloodiest the Rambo films: It pictures children being killed, men being beheaded, wholesale slaughter with women getting raped, beaten and, or killed; or all three.

In some bloody parts it’s Tarantino times three.

And there’s absolute;y no humor here; not even a sardonic sneer.

Rambo still can’t laugh at himself.

And he’s lousy dinner conversation, too.

But he remains great with a bow and arrow – plenty of head shots.

The point?

According to an insightful extra, it’s to experience horrific Burma with its vile, murderous military rule, and to get angry about it.

Suggestion: Pass on the movie, skip to the extra, and sleep better at night.

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